If you have a plant at home and you want it to grow healthy and strong then you need to give it time. When watering takes few seconds to monitor the health of your plants and identify the unhealthy signs. Below are the most common signs that tell a plant is in an unhealthy stage.

Leaf Drop

This is the condition when a plant drops its leaves. In normal conditions, every plant drops 2 to 3 leaves daily. This a natural process of cleaning themselves. Old leaves drop and new green leaves take their place. But if you see that your plant is dropping multiple leaves and now it has few leaves than before this is a sign of unhealthy plant.

Leaf drops are caused by the following reasons

Environmental change: When you bring outdoor plants indoors in winters than they drop leaves. The reason is plants are used to cold weather conditions. When you bring them in this changes the light conditions, temperature, and humidity. All these factors put the plant in shock state and plants start dropping leaves.

Wait for the new leaves, if new leaves are healthy than no need to worry.


Coldwater can damage the rooting system of plants and when the plant’s main system gets damaged it will not survive. Do not give cold water to your plants especially container plants.

In winters, fill the bucket of water at night leave it as it is for 10 hours and then supply it to your plants. This way the water temperature comes to the normal room temperature and also allows the chlorine to evaporate.


This is another common reason for dropping leaves. Because when people see their plants is dropping a few leaves and looks dull. They give them water and this causes overwatering. Remember that leave drop is often caused by the excess of water not underwater.

Leaves turning brown

Having some brown leaves on plants is normal because old leaves get brown and dry when are about to fall off. But the problem rises when new is not coming on the place of old leaves or the new leaves are also brown from tips.

Unfortunately, these are two conditions one is an entire leaf is brown and dry, second is leaf tip is brown and dry. Let’s discuss both the conditions.

1. When the hole left is turning brown and dry this means the plant needs a high amount of water and is suffering from underwater conditions.

In such conditions, if you are growing plants indoors increase the humidity level by watering it or by placing the humidifier in the growing area.

2. When you give an excess of fertilizers to plants their leaves turn brown from edges and sides.  In winters most of the house plants do not need fertilization. But if you accidentally give fertilizers to the house plants you can’t do anything.

The only way to recover your plant is by changing the soil of the growing plant by shifting it to the other container.

Yellow leaves

There are many reasons for turning leaves into yellow color. Few of them are following.

Insufficient Light: Plants leaves turn into yellow when they do not get proper light. This is most common in indoor plants. You will see leaves that are facing towards the window remain green and others turn yellow.

When you grow indoor plants try to place them on such a place where they can receive proper sunlight or use Grow Lights.

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More about indoor plants and house plants: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Houseplant

Signs of Unhealthy Plant